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Selsey Lifeboat Station – February 2016

Selsey Lifeboat Station - February 2016

Silhouette of Selsey Lifeboat Station out to sea may soon be gone –
wish someone would rethink.

Just along from the ‘Lifeboat Arms’ you can buy fresh Fish, Selsey Crabs, Crab Sticks and maybe Lobsters from all the Lobsterpots piled up nearby


Pevensey Bay

Seaside -

Shingle -


Pevensey Bay -

On our way home, we were looking for the road that runs past Pevensey Castle and took a wrong turning and found our way down to the beach at Couden, very old fashioned seaside beach. We drove along very small single track road between the sea and Pevensey Levels on our way, many sheep on the dune grass

Love the sea and this day it was windy and deserted and shining in the sun.