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10% Discount in own store and free UK postage over £50s

Also set up 10% Discount  in our own store – until 25th December on many of our beautiful Avoca Throws and Lambswool Baby Blankets from Ireland – to help a little with Christmas Shopping

Discount code – 99NELLIETHEELEPHANT – at the Checkout

And Free Postage  in the UK – if your order is over £50s

Good to buy soon – before Post goes crazy and we can make things to order, please contact us.

As always – we will donate 10% of the product price that you pay in our store to different Global Giving Projects as a Carbon Footprint thing.

So 10% Discount you receive and 10% goes to a Charity.
(we’re only a small store)

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Dormant but not Extinct

Vesuvius Tote Bag -
Here is a link to more of own Photos on FAA as Tote Bags – there are 3 sizes and you can play around with where the main image is placed.

These Tote Bags currently ship only from FAA in the US and take a week or two to print – but they are worth it.

They are very strong – but soft, professionally finished and the image is on both sides.
Wish they shipped from the UK as well. Our percentage is currently minimal to keep the costs down

This photograph is taken from a ferry looking back to Vesuvius in the Bay of Naples and there were dolphins swimming around the ship.

We were staying on a volcanic island Ischia near to Capri and had travelled down in a small rental car from Venice. The funny bit – we were encouraged to take extra insurance and reallised why as we travelled further south as the cars looked more and more roughed up especially when we got caught in traffic about 5pm in the center of Naples – but love Italy and would go back in a heartbeat.

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Sending to other Countrys

Because of the cost of postage outside of EU, our store – – is set up mainly for UK and EU

but please contact us – – if there is something you would like and we will check the lowest price
to send by recorded mail

(we make to order and customise own things)

postman pat

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Lidl in the News and Indian Clothing Workers

The low prices at shops like Lidl worry me. Have an uneasy feeling, something is being compromised but the fact its a German company and some of the products still have a German origin is great. Sadly they dont seem to sell Vitamaltz but sometimes have dark Cherry juice.

Today Lidl is in the news because of selling incredibly cheap Jeans sourced from Bangledesh. How this is possible – the minimum wage in Bangledesh – is only 23p/hour.

Perhaps – the whistle blower on Lidl is a Competitor and their reasons are dubious – but someone – should look into and bring this and other companies doing similar, under stricter guidelines to prevent Exploitation.

But am wondering also why this is in the news now – Lidl products have always been cheaper – is it for some political reason – somehow to do with EU Referendum?

Regardless – do we have any Policies/Guidelines about importing the products of almost Slave Labour?

But doing nothing feels like a cop out. Probably the issues are complicated and weighed down by repercussions of involving yourself in another country’s  politics and some money is better than none?

Could Lidl’s UK MD – Ronny Gottschlich – guarantee to pay – double – the minimum wage in Bangledesh, at least and invest back in this country. Then these jeans would be worth buying!

Read more …’Its not Magic – Its Exploitation’

Indian Clothing Workers

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Humphrey Woollen Whale on Ebay



Woollen Whale for Sale on Ebay – All money from the Sale of our ‘Humph’ will be donated to ‘World Cetacean Alliance’ (WCA) who would like to raise awareness of the impacts of Ghost Netting in the Seas. 

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One of the costs of leaving EU

Most Valuable Brands in Europe


As a very small business – one of the hurdles to selling outside UK borders is the huge cost of postage and VAT on top – at least 20% or more – that non UK customers must pay the other end – as well as handling charge of at least £8s of parcel delivery companys like UPS who collect the VAT.

And as a consumer, being part of the EU – this is one of many very real benefits to money in our pocket in the EU zone – we dont pay prices that reflect the VAT or handling charges that would be added on. Probably the prices on the High Street of many things that come from Europe – woollens, clothes, shoes, food, perfume and … Lego, reflect this.

Closed borders and fewer sales will effect the UK economy

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Gift Vouchers for own Dog or Cat

Gift Vouchers for small version of dog or cat from photos sent to us and also includes cost of postage to send dog or cat (in the UK)

(If you live outside of the UK – please contact us directly  In this case, we would need to add postage but the animals are small enough to hold in your hand and dont weigh too much)

After Christmas, we will do our best to recreate small woolly version and send photos of what we have done and  will continue to work on the animal until new owner happy.

Anything ordered online, we donate 10% to Global Giving.


Gift Vouchers for own Dog or Cat - made by us


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