The Buzzard and the Crow

We live near the Downs – an open area now South Down National Park and noticed more and more buzzards congregating on field fences and wheeling in the sky and fewer and fewer wild rabbits. Yesterday the sky was empty, blue and sunny than the noise of a very angry bird, a crow got closer […]

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Long man of Wilmington

    It’s likely Wilmington’s name is from a combination of ‘wylm’ (cloud) and ‘ington’ (fortified village on a hill). My own favorite place is looking towards the long man from a small orchard that is part of the ruins of Wilmington priory – perhaps built by monks who came from Honfleur in France. Visited […]

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  Once in a winter we get a whiff of snow here in the South and families look for anywhere with a slope with trays and bin bags – but one more day and it will all be gone and daffodils will come back, like it never happened.  

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