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Perhaps what am saying will be seen as controversial and appologies this is not my intention. Difficult to find the right words.

Wondering rather than vilify people who misread the way a new culture to them operates – we should find ways for each culture to understand each other better.

The high figures/statistics of rape in recent years in Western countrys with high levels of immigration – a contributing factor could be because in the West we have a different cultural approach to how woman live. True – we are less conservative, more free but this isnt an invitation and perhaps people coming from a more cautious conservative culture perceive this incorrectly. Rape must be a terrible experience in any culture.

This misunderstanding of each others cultures – could be underlying many things. If something is going wrong – we need to communicate and mutually respect our differences. Find some common ground. Noone said this is easy.

An opportunity for each culture to try and understand each others ways better. Perhaps some good will come out of this bad press.

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Stories from Sweden

“In the very same countryside that has been left behind, there are whole populations that grow, build, bake, sew, print and generally fiddle about in full hipster fashion – and it’s not a lifestyle. They are just doing their jobs” … story by Peter Hammarbäck

Meet the original Hipsters

Joel Lindblad

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Sweden becomes first western nation to reject low fat diet in favour of low carb high fat nutrition

“You don’t get fat from fatty foods, just as you don’t get atherosclerosis from calcium or turn green from green vegetable (Prof. Fredrik Nyström, from Linköping)”. The switch in dietary advice has come after the pubication of a two year study by the Swedish Council on Health Technology Assessment.

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