Fluffy Tista Pomma

Grew up on a small holding – we had sheep, calves, lambs, pigs, geese, lots of chickens, dogs, cats and Curly our pet cow… also at different times – rabbits, tortoises, guinea pigs, terrapins, gerbils and my sister had a pet rooster Pifke that really hated wellington boots.

Our lovely ‘Fluffy’ cat we lost two days – four years ago – was named after ‘Fluffy’ the dog – who was a Sealyham terrier, a sausage dog with white curls and a big black nose. He could be very naughty but never killed anything. His pedigree name was Fluffy Tista Pomma – he had a little certificate with his family tree.

He was a bit more like a dog version of Charlie Chaplin as he would stroll off to a nearby lake and people having picnics would feed him or he would jump in people’s cars if they opened the door – but because of his dog tag or maybe something he did, they always brought him home and my mum and dad would give them a reward.

I have an old photograph of him with a table cloth around his head sitting on a chair while my father cut his hair and me with pigtails.

Found this quite long and long ago video about Sealyhams on you tube – probably someone who loves them very much.

Ours was a carthorse Sealyham.

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