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Kew in the Country

Blue Hydrangeas - M.Joy


Visited this Garden this weekend and it was being set for a Wedding.

Took my parents and my dad told us about Sir Henry Price the ’50 Shilling Taylor’ who was the last person to own Wakehurst before it was donated to the National Trust and then leased by Kew to be its Garden in the Country. Please read about him here – he was an amazing man.

This is one of the most beautiful Gardens in Sussex. Its huge with Californian Redwoods, a Himalayan Glade, several lakes, the Millenium Seed Bank, several Cafes, Deers, artists in residence and a place to be married

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Summer Fair Blues

Just home from summer fair which was interesting because of the dogs all shapes and sizes walking around on the village green waiting for last event of the day – and impressive collection of vintage cars and just cross section of people walking past my little stall. Not forgetting,  a pretty good Elvis impersonator – “uh huh huh” – not sure how he was dressed, too far away to see but the sound wasn’t bad and last thing i was expecting. But..

little down, as the wind was so strong – most of afternoon chasing my things blowing away in the wind and hoping my Gazebo didnt follow and sad because forgot my camera. But it didnt rain.

The best bit, apart from packing away my gazebo – at the very end, little old chap appeared with a placard, which guessing, he had gone home to make – encouraging everyone – to vote ‘No’ to Europe. Althou this isn’t how i feel – am impressed. Its good to know, we live in a country, where we can express how we feel without consequences.

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‘Autism is a different ability rather than a disability’

Amazing advice for a parent from Amy Baskin..

Try New Things
Ditch the Guilt
Work on Strengths
Use Tech-Skills to build Friendships
Take Public Transport (think this one is hard)
Get known in your Community
Celebrate – Hug your kids. Eat ice cream. Bake cupcakes

and Love Unconditionally