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World moving on

Sage -

Just busy outside because the skys are blue, transplanting small plants and taking cuttings and making small dogs for an event involved in later on. Made a small Staffy carrying a stick, a Schnauzer and an Arctic Fox – howling.

Constant tapping on a window where a long tailed tit going crazy looking at himself in a window and thinking its his rival. Wondered if there was some bigger significance.  My mum found unexpectedly a small silver cross in an airing cupboard and this gave her some comfort as well as being outside just pulling weeds. Heard that the asparagus crop are early this year. Selsey on a peninsular south of Chichester is a good place to buy them – fresh caught fish too sold from near the beach.

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Helen Dillon’s Garden – National Treasure

Monty Don chatting to writer and gardener Helen Dillon in her beautiful abundent Irish walled town garden just before it was sold, commented that.. “Gardening was what grown ups do outside to play” in reponse to her comment that gardening was the only place she felt at peace.

Another funny exchange about an orange rose in her garden Helen was particularly fond of called ‘Warm Welcome’ which she obviously loved and felt illuminated the place – Helen’s comment – ‘Have you met them before?’ and M.D.’s diplomatic reply ‘I do orange roses with a great deal of suspicion’

In an Irish Garden‘ by Sybil Connolly and Helen Dillon captures the feeling of a generation of gardeners about to pass and remembers these people and their gardens with the interesting inscription by Helen – ‘You may not visit my garden in the middle of the night!’

But ‘Is it the garden or the person who is the national treasure? – I suppose they are inextricably interlinked’ Paddy Tobin


Kew in the Country

Blue Hydrangeas - M.Joy


Visited this Garden this weekend and it was being set for a Wedding.

Took my parents and my dad told us about Sir Henry Price the ’50 Shilling Taylor’ who was the last person to own Wakehurst before it was donated to the National Trust and then leased by Kew to be its Garden in the Country. Please read about him here – he was an amazing man.

This is one of the most beautiful Gardens in Sussex. Its huge with Californian Redwoods, a Himalayan Glade, several lakes, the Millenium Seed Bank, several Cafes, Deers, artists in residence and a place to be married