Just been raining and this massive bee was visiting the cyclamens. Think later in the year the ants carry the seed away around the garden but the flowers seem to prefer the shady area under pine trees.

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Sad story

This is slightly disturbing story.  Busy outside yesterday, planting seeds on an unusually warm February afternoon … and went to get the watering can to water them in before bringing inside to help them to germinate. the watering can felt like it was filled with rain water but nothing came out and because thought it […]

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Flock of sheep

    Unusually warm April day in Nymans, not a cloud in the sky – a flock of sheep snoozing under a tree. The garden especially beautiful with magnolias and their petals floating down in warm sunshine

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Flowering Pumpkins

The temperature dropped from about 27 to 21 degrees overnight and when looked out the window early morning, all the pumpkins were flowering – huge yellow flowers. The sky was cloudy and not many bees around – so pretended to be a large bee and went around transferring pollen. Dont think these flowers will become […]

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nighttime garden

Another beautiful day, althou not a heat wave. we tried to add many scented flowers to our garden and at the end of a warm June day the scent is very lovely – honeysuckle, roses – almost over, different lavender, thyme and sweetpea – althou my favorite is the night scented stock. Because it may […]

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