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Please think again and keep us in Europe

There isnt much more to say – that hasnt been said.

Loosing our right to live and work within Europe where we choose – is a huge loss and is not a solution to whatever is happening elsewhere in the World

Please give the next Generations – freedom – to work, travel, explore and connect to the World outside the UK


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European Parliament considers plan to let individual Brits opt-in to keep their EU citizenship – Amendment 882

“The European Parliament is to consider a plan that would allow British citizens to opt-in and keep their European Union citizenship – and its associated benefits – once the UK leaves the EU.

The proposal, which has been put before a parliamentary committee as an amendment, would grant the citizens of former member states the voluntary right to retain “associate citizenship” of the EU” Jon Stone –  The Independent more

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Parliament debated “EU Referendum Rules triggering a 2nd EU Referendum”

05 September 2016

Transcript of the debate:

The petition:

Please allow the Politicians to vote on whether they think Great Britain should exit the EU