How can anyone consider

How can anyone consider – using a gun, a bomb – against another? Wherever there is trouble in this World, where with compassion and discussion there doesnt need to be.. Please put down your weapons and made a better future that works for everyone. All sides – please stop this Craziness Focus instead on doing […]

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Robert Louis Stevenson

The Lamplighter My tea is nearly ready and the sun has left the sky; It’s time to take the window to see Leerie going by; For every night at teatime and before you take your seat, With lantern and with ladder he comes posting up the street. Now Tom would be a driver and Maria […]

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Brown Brogue Leather Shoes

My dad was John Wayne to me Looking up, he was quarter of an inch short of six foot. Something he was very proud of. He took us to school Cried at my wedding and fell out of a plum tree when my son was born. Working with farmers he wore green wool worsted trousers […]

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Summer evening

August I listen and hear birds settling down to sleep, dry leaves rustling in an evening breeze, dogs barking and a motorbike driving away into the distance. One late bee rushes past to bed I see the sky changing to night and lights going on indoors and smell the earth, summer flowers and faintly – […]

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