You came.. and a silky rain flourished under the yellow leaves Today I went out on the balcony and i saw cyclamens bloom On the edge of the clouds the smallest ligtning was crying your name Listen! listen to the rain For an old tale talks and it is true you know like the old […]

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Fragile Hearts

This version of a poem was a response to another saw written online – which made me concerned for the person that was the subject of the poem. Feel it is very heartless to use social media in this way.  Never had this conversation with my dad – believe he didnt think of me this […]

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Winter’s Night

Outside, the wind circles and dances round the house and fields rain lashes the window panes. Inside, the fire hisses and pops and Fluffy filled with turkey slumbers under the Christmas tree … sparkling and glittering with lights and baubles Only a thin fox struggles for its footing returning hungry down the country lane – […]

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Roundstone Harbour – Connemara

   In Connemara With eyes all untroubled she laughs as she passes, Bending beneath the creel with the seaweed brown, Till evening with pearl dew dims the shining grasses And night lit with dreamlight enfolds the sleepy town. Then she will wander, her heart all a laughter, Tracking the dream star that lights the purple […]

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