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What happened yesterday in London was a terrible thing and the police and emergency services have done and are doing an incredible job to care for and protect innocent victims caught up in yesterdays events. cant imagine what the surviving people and family and friends of all of them are feeling today but in my small opinion althou being vigilant, we must encourage and look for peaceful ways to bring about change

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Being in another part of the World..

and snowed under with own stuff doesnt mean in this joined up World we arnt effected by what is happening elsewhere. Obviously, we live somewhere else so this is just one opinion from far away – althou we will all be effected by it.

The Olympics is happening at the moment – and thought the idea is to bring the World togethor in Peace

But what we are reading about the current political stratagies of certain Presidential hopeful is very worrying, maybe to the whole World and perhaps a new Presidential race should be run with new Candidates with a lower budget – to me the whole thing is seriously compromised.

As we discovered over here in the UK, sadly those who made the most noise and made untrue promises did infact win – but we are not the better for it.

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Skellig -

In our village every two years we have a Summer fair with a Scarecrow Competition and this was one of the Scarecrows about the main character ‘Skellig’ in a children’s novel by David Almond. A story about a boy who had a baby sister with a heart problem and he learned from his mother that “shoulder blades are where our wings used to be, when we were angels.”

The story is loosely based on a short story – “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings” by Gabriel García Márquez.

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Fernando Alonso

“Alonso said in an Instagram post after incident on Sunday: ‘I am lucky to be here and thankful to be here. I am aware that today I spent some of the luck remaining in life. I want to thank McLaren and the FIA for the safety of this car. I am alive thanks to the job of the last 10-15 years in F1”

Have always loved watching F1 but feel bad that someone goes this close to the edge for his sport. Please save the rest of your luck for the next adventure in your life and seeing family grow up. Its very tough decision when you love what you do but there are compelling arguments about impact of multiple big shakes up in the brain.