Dardanelles – Hellespoint

Tried to help my dad to find his connection to a John Cobby – one of the Hawkhurst gang. Farmers by day, smugglers by night. Although most of southern England probably involved and benefitted by smuggling, even the vicars – this gang went further and murdered a customs office in a very gruesome way. Although […]

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What happened yesterday in London was a terrible thing and the police and emergency services have done and are doing an incredible job to care for and protect innocent victims caught up in yesterdays events. cant imagine what the surviving people and family and friends of all of them are feeling today but in my […]

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In our village every two years we have a Summer fair with a Scarecrow Competition and this was one of the Scarecrows about the main character ‘Skellig’ in a children’s novel by David Almond. A story about a boy who had a baby sister with a heart problem and he learned from his mother that […]

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