Sunseed Desert Technology

Because my background is in Horticulture and interested in the environment became involved in an organisation called Sunseed Desert Technology. My intention was to go to Morocco to help the Berber community especially ladies have some own income and independance by developing the potential for argan seedlings for themselves. To this end – my intention […]

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How methane becomes fish food

  Instead of counting sheep.. in winnie the pooh style – kept awake wondering what the equivalent of fish breathing and burping is – and finally gave up and got up and looked for explanation online and found this – it seems fish benefit from methane released by bacteria in lakes and the sea although […]

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Five minutes to midnight

(Photograph John Mcconnico/The Guardian) “UK Met Office estimates 2016 will be at least as hot as 2015, which would mean the three hottest years ever had occurred in a row” more Increasing possibilities for Fracking in UK and cutting subsidies for Solar and other Renewable Energies – it doesnt make sense to me. Remember reading […]

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Brighton and Lewes Downs Unesco Biosphere

Brighton and Lewes Downs are now a UNESCO World Biosphere site! (and Ditchling is included) We learnt yesterday from UNESCO that we have achieved our aim of the Brighton & Lewes Downs area being internationally recognised for: our high-quality environment everyone’s work to look after it our future ambitions to make it even better for people and nature We are […]

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