How methane becomes fish food

  Instead of counting sheep.. in winnie the pooh style – kept awake wondering what the equivalent of fish breathing and burping is – and finally gave up and got up and looked for explanation online and found this – it seems fish benefit from methane released by bacteria in lakes and the sea although […]

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Five minutes to midnight

(Photograph John Mcconnico/The Guardian) “UK Met Office estimates 2016 will be at least as hot as 2015, which would mean the three hottest years ever had occurred in a row” more Increasing possibilities for Fracking in UK and cutting subsidies for Solar and other Renewable Energies – it doesnt make sense to me. Remember reading […]

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Brighton and Lewes Downs Unesco Biosphere

Brighton and Lewes Downs are now a UNESCO World Biosphere site! (and Ditchling is included) We learnt yesterday from UNESCO that we have achieved our aim of the Brighton & Lewes Downs area being internationally recognised for: our high-quality environment everyone’s work to look after it our future ambitions to make it even better for people and nature We are […]

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