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Nymans, Magnolias and A Bench - maria joy


Spring -


Cherry Blossom - maria joy

Nymans - Messel family home - maria joy

Nymans Gardens – very beautiful in late March with spring blossom

This National Trust Garden can get very busy when it looks its most beautiful, about now. Visit early – there is only a small car park. It does have wheelchairs to borrow and rugs and paths are reasonably good. Look out for the potting shed and later in the year – the Hankerchief tree. There is also a woodland walk – outside the main garden.

Beautiful for Camellias, Rhododendrons, Magnolias, Roses, Monkey tree, Fritillarys, spring flowers, topiary and views from the High Weald

Anne Messel  was a fashion designer – designed a pair of benches (their backs carved with ‘A’ for Anne and ‘M’ for Michael) when she married Michael Count of Rosse and arrived at Birr Castle in Ireland. These benches face opposite each other at Birr Castle and Nymans have a copy of the ‘A’ bench made in wood by a carpenter in this garden and told renovated about ten years ago as falling to pieces.

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E.C. – May you never

apart from camping, my nights under the stars have been harmless, warm nights with my family in Greece when we couldnt find somewhere we could afford to stay – just once alone and spent a night in a police station until caught the milk train home.

Most memorable, with family driving back from Thessaloniki – because it was late and driving thru a mountainous area close to Albania, my father decided we should sleep besides the car until it got light but remember being woken and told to move on by armed police because bandits were in the area. Probably due to tensions in the Baltic at this time. We were driving towards Dubrovnik on the coastline of Croatia

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Italy’s Invisible Cities

“Using the latest 3D scanning technology, Alexander Armstrong and Dr Michael Scott uncover the hidden history of Italian civilisation and city life. 360º videos of Naples, Florence and Venice” more

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Soil Association Secret Review of Food offered for Children at UK Theme Parks, Art Galleries, Museums and Zoos

League Table of Secret Review sponsered by Soil Association of Children's Food offered at UK Attractions

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