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“People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness. Just because they’re not on your road doesn’t mean they are lost.” Dalai Lama About a year ago my mum spent a while in hospital and sometime during this time travelled in an ambulance and the ambulance drivers reallized how scared she was and gave her someones […]

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Villages facing extinction turned into ‘albergo diffuso’ (scattered hotel)

© GETTY The Italian-speaking Swiss village of Corippo has a population of 12 – Federica Grassi Written by Gavin Haines of the Telegraph “Scattered across the scenic Verzasca Valley, the Swiss village of Corippo is slowly turning into a ghost town. Home to 300 people during its 19th-century peak, the population has dwindled to just […]

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Hope Royal visitors will come back and see more unofficially – when more freedom to explore both the good and find people & organisations that would welcome your support. Brighton is vibrant seaside lady with colleges, shops, parks and green vibe but it is also a place people come for not good reasons and has […]

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The name – La Puisaye we read comes from a French archaic verb meaning to ‘slog through the mud’ but in fact the countryside is beautiful large wheat fields with little areas of woodland.  This small village used to be called just ‘Saints’ and is close to le Moullin de Vanneau more than 1200 years […]

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the man driving the bus

    im sure my fear of heights is about the same as before our trip but driving back down to the village at 1100 m from 700 m higher… just felt so happy. the one thing i took away was trusting the man who was driving the bus

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Sunrise in the mountains

Longing to travel for some time but things happening until just threw a few things in the back of our car and went. We rented a chalet on a small farm in the Swiss Alps for couple of nights and travelled through France camping one night and sleeping another in a basic hotel south of […]

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