the man driving the bus

    im sure my fear of heights is about the same as before our trip but driving back down to the village at 1100 m from 700 m higher… just felt so happy. the one thing i took away was trusting the man who was driving the bus

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Sunrise in the mountains

Longing to travel for some time but things happening until just threw a few things in the back of our car and went. We rented a chalet on a small farm in the Swiss Alps for couple of nights and travelled through France camping one night and sleeping another in a basic hotel south of […]

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Looking for red squirrels

  We visited Brownsea Island hopeful to see some red squirrels – we know they are there but like the Northern Lights – you have to be lucky to see them. A small one ran for cover to a tree trunk but somehow i missed it and feel sure as soon as we left they […]

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