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“Wrong-way Humphrey”

“SAN FRANCISCO — Humphrey, the Humpback Whale that became an international celebrity during its 26-day journey across California, plunged under the Golden Gate Bridge Monday and headed home.

Saluting its fans as it departed, the 40-foot whale glided several hundred yards off San Francisco’s waterfront, surfacing every few minutes to the cheers of hundreds of spectators.

Then, escorted by a flotilla of 20 private vessels and U.S. Navy gun boats, Humphrey swam under the fog-shrouded bridge at 4:35 p.m. and returned to the Pacific Ocean” (Archives of) Los Angeles Times  … more

Humpback Whales live 45-50 years – so Humphrey could still be out there swimming the Oceans but our tribute to Humphrey and to support the dangers they face from Cargo and other Ghost Netting – for Sale on Ebay –  would love to find a new home in the next week and all money will go to World Cetacean Alliance

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Humphrey Woollen Whale on Ebay



Woollen Whale for Sale on Ebay – All money from the Sale of our ‘Humph’ will be donated to ‘World Cetacean Alliance’ (WCA) who would like to raise awareness of the impacts of Ghost Netting in the Seas. 

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Gift Vouchers for own Dog or Cat

Gift Vouchers for small version of dog or cat from photos sent to us and also includes cost of postage to send dog or cat (in the UK)

(If you live outside of the UK – please contact us directly  In this case, we would need to add postage but the animals are small enough to hold in your hand and dont weigh too much)

After Christmas, we will do our best to recreate small woolly version and send photos of what we have done and  will continue to work on the animal until new owner happy.

Anything ordered online, we donate 10% to Global Giving.


Gift Vouchers for own Dog or Cat - made by us


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