Mr Mole and the pumpkin patch

“It was a bright morning in the early part of summer; the river had resumed its wonted banks and its accustomed pace, and a hot sun seemed to be pulling everything green and bushy and spiky up out of the earth towards him, as if by strings. The Mole and the Water Rat had been […]

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raspberry summer

perhaps this summer will remember most the quietness of picking raspberrys in my parents garden at the end of the day, my fingers turning red with raspberry juice, peering into a sea of raspberry canes to find the lovely fruit and listening to the birds, wearing wellies as sometimes snakes make their way into the […]

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nighttime garden

Another beautiful day, althou not a heat wave. we tried to add many scented flowers to our garden and at the end of a warm June day the scent is very lovely – honeysuckle, roses – almost over, different lavender, thyme and sweetpea – althou my favorite is the night scented stock. Because it may […]

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