Probably musings about Kartoffelpuffer would only make sense to someone connected to Germany but have wondered for a long time why growng up we knew them as Puffers and why they are better known now as Reibekuchen Reibekuchen, Puffers, Puffercakes, Kartoffelpuffer or the many different names in different part of Germany, are wonderful food to […]

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Cherry Frangipan Tart

  250g Short Crust Pastry 250g Cherrys (stoned and cut in half) 125g Butter 125g Sugar 3 Eggs 340g Ground Almonds Flaked almonds and whole cherrys for decoration   Method Set oven to 200 degrees (little less if Fan oven) Line your flan dish with the pastry and chill for 10 minutes Bake blind in […]

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boeuf stroganoff

the pancakes yesterday were soft, tasty and traditional and – not made by me im ashamed to say sometime ago went on a course to learn how to cook french food and i can make a reasonable tarte tatin, chocolate profiteroles filled with ice cream – most things on a good day, taste not too […]

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Secret of fluffy pancakes

Because we thought pancake day was last tuesday, this is the second go at making pancakes. Pancake making is one of those cooking things that scares me that it will go wrong – stick to the saucepan, the ceiling, the floor, the passing by cat .. so thought have a look how to make the […]

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Sunday Pattys

Ingredients: Reasonable amount of Curly Kale Couple of lbs of new Potatoes 2 Onions 1 Cooking Apple Mozerella cheese – to taste Milk (for mash) – to taste Butter French Mustard, Salt and Pepper Handfull of Parsley Handfull of Thyme 10 slices of Bread (chopped and wizzed) 1) Make breadcrumbs – chop about 10 slices […]

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