"August - Maria Joy"

This blog was started to support our online store Honey Beeswax. We donate 10% of our online sales to Global Giving Projects to offset our Carbon footprint

The store began simply and still is this way, making and selling things, little like a female Dell Boy. Sometimes do freelance part time work as an environmental contractor which has included spending few hours a week relocating reptiles in new build housing sites.

Approached local farm shops to stock our Candles and T-Lights and Infinity Foods in Brighton.

One day picking up a pizza from Ask Pizza restaurant – saw a funny picture drawn by a child on the pizza box of a rainbow – advertising their support for the CharityAction on Addiction and thought this was a great idea and approached them and even went up to London to chat to them with a box of different coloured Candles and from this point began supporting this Charity in different ways. It is an issue that has touched our family and feel all promotion must be a good thing to raise awareness. Kate the Duchess of Cambridge is now the patron of this Charity

We donate 10p/Candle or pack of T-Lights for every Candle sold to this Charity.

We also sell lovely Avoca Throws, Baby Blankets, Scarves, Hats and Gloves, Dr Oetker Cookery Books  and Flower Candles from Thailand. The Birch Bark Containers, Confetti Cones, things made from Felt, wooden Plant Labels and Fat Flower Fairy Lavender Kits are made by me. Our home made packaging is mainly recycled cardboard. Realise good packaging is key to selling the product.

Try to find ways to minimise costs of selling – both in money and time but have spent money improving the SEO work on our online store and social presence. Find networking little tough, not because im shy. Its a time thing.

Own photographs at Fine Art America. My son helps me with the Ecommerce and IT side of our store.

My strength is not in commercial success although would like to be a little more successful – my reason to do what Im doing is for my own self esteem and to inspire and motivate my son and perhaps in a very small way to make a difference. Thinking about all the Candles that we have sold through Infinity Foods – each one with a handwritten label promoting the Charity ‘Action on Addiction’ – think we must have touched a few people with a way forward to a problem that has its grip on a generation of young people – mentally and physically

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  1. Thanks for asking. It’s going slowly but surely right now. I know that it’s not an easy thing to ask, for people to take time to consider the social and environmental impact of their purchases – it can be hard to face some of our planet’s problems. I wrote a post recently about this, from the perspective of living with awareness and how it fits with Eckhart Tolle’s ideas: https://greenstarsproject.org/2016/10/29/a-new-earth-eckhart-tolle-ethical-consumerism/
    Ultimately I think that we feel better about ourselves the more we live with awareness, and thinking about the consequences of our choices as consumers is part of that. I visited your store – you have some nice things. Being from Ireland, I appreciate the Avoca knitwear 🙂

    1. Things take time – perhaps more conversations online, promoting or finishing your book – there is a website called think ‘unbound‘ which crowd funds authors. Maybe more should happen and be taught in schools – a good place to reach out to and think of things to create a buzz to spread your ideas. Rudolf Steiner schools – seem to focus more on well rounded students than exams

      Thank you, love Avoca they are lovely people and make me laugh.

      1. Thank you for the suggestions 🙂 I agree – connecting with students and teachers would be a good way to spead the word with the next generation. And posting interesting and heartfelt content online, whenever one can find the time.

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